• Forensic, Post-Crash Vehicle Competency Inspection of Automobiles, SUV, Trucks, Semi, Tractor Trailer, Combinations, Machinery and Heavy Equipment.

  • Traffic Crash Report analysis and diagrams to scale, including visual CAD, in motion,

  • ASE Mechanical / Body-Frame / Refinish & Estimating Certifications, Engine, Electrical, Electronics, Performance, Manual Transmission & Gear Case, Brakes, Steering / Suspension/Front End, Estimating, Auto Body & Frame, Auto Painting and others, 9 in total

  • General Motors Certificates in suspension, steering, brakes, electronic controls, vibration diagnosis and refinishing.

  • U.S. Registered Name and Trademark owner: “MODEL GARAGE ".

  • Certified MACS (Mobile Air Conditioner Service) Automotive Air Conditioning (principals, repairs, chemicals and environmental)

Certified, I-CAR Body / Frame Multiple Certifications

  • Damage analysis,
  • Frame & unitized body repair procedure & integrity, high strength steel applications, theory, repair procedures,​
  • Welding high strength Steel, Aluminum and alloys.​

Automotive Adjunct Instructor, Palm Beach Community College. Evaluation of Automotive Educational Programs / Auto Body, Frame & Refinish. Estimating. 2006​

  • Hosted Continuing Education Program / Instructor Training for Palm Beach County Automotive Trade School Instructors, 1988 to 1995
  • Attended/Certificate Issued, 3M ARM Automotive Management School,(Estimating, Estimating systems, auto repair shop management, etc.)​
  • Attended Miami University classes / Hazardous Waste and EPA Compliance
  • Fraternal Order of Police Associates, Member since 1990, served as Vice-President from 1995 to 1999, State of Florida, Lake Worth Lodge #1,
  • Licensed by the Florida Dept. of Professional Regulation as Auction House Owner, 1998 to 2008 / CURRENT.
  • Licensed by the Division of Banking and Finance as Primary Lender of funds, automotive finance, 1988-1995, Apx.
  • Licensed (previously) by the State of Florida Department of Consumer Affairs and Bonded as Pawnbroker,​

Licensed and Bonded State of Florida Department of Motor Vehicles as Automobile Dealer, since from 1989 to 2003.

  • Experience in automobile dealer sale, finance, dealer level repair shops, title history, lemon law issues, cases in which Dealer fraud or improprieties are suspected.
  • Licensed by Florida Department of Revenue License as Second Hand Dealer
  • Society of Automotive Engineers, Associate Member & Subscriber (continuing education),
  • Accident Reconstruction “ARC” Network, Associate Member & Subscriber (continuing education),
  • Attended National Forensic Center Annual 2000 National ConferenceOf Expert Witnesses, Litigation Consultants, and Attorneys,Multiple National Listings acquired, (continuing education)
  • Independent Association of Arson Investigators, (listed IAAI website),
  • Personal study, subscriber “Claims” publications, Florida Bar Journal,South Florida Law/Business Review, Florida Law Journal, case study,
  • Attended/Graduated Dale Carnegie,Attended/Dale Carnegie as Graduate Assistant
  • Forensic, Post-Crash Vehicle Competency Inspection of Automobiles, SUV, Trucks, Semi, Tractor Trailer, Combinations, Machinery and Heavy Equipment.

  • Traffic Crash Report analysis and diagrams to scale, including visual CAD, in motion,

Certifications & Affiliations

  Forensic Crash Investigation
​ Electronic Black Box Data Retrieval

Accident Reconstruction

U.S. Registered Trademark & Name


Email: info@auto-safety.us

Web: www.modelgarage.com

Salvatore R. Raimondi, Sr.

Automotive Forensic Service Associates     

AAFS Associates, Inc.     

Web: http://www.aafsa.com     

West Palm Beach, Florida 33418     

Palm Beach County 

Email: RSRaimondi@aafsa.com

Work Phone: 561-832-6022


University of North Florida, Institute of Police Training & Management  

Certificate: At Scene, Homicide / Vehicle Crash Investigation

Certificate: Advanced Traffic Crash Investigation

Certificate: Special Problems in Traffic Crash Reconstruction

Certificate: Occupant Kinematics

Certificate: Instrument & Crash Testing in Crash Reconstruction

Collision Safety Institute
Certificate: Crash Data Retrieval Technician, Level I

Certificate: Crash Data Retrieval Technician Advanced, Level II

Certificate: Crash Data Retrieval, Data Analyst

Certificate: Instructor in Crash Data Retrieval, Technician, Level I & II (Advanced)

Certificate: Collision Safety Institute CDR Summit, January 2014

Education and experience includes:  

  • Traffic Crash / Homicide Reports
  • Official Report Composition
  • Official Report factors & data,
  • Determine Accuracy of Official Reports,
  • Rate of Speed, Velocity, Distance,
  • Reaction Time,
  • Stopping Distances, Stopping Time
  • Friction Factors,
  • Crush Factors,
  • Roadway factors, elements, mapping,
  • Tire marks / Skid Marks
  • Absence of Tire / Skid Marks
  • ABS factor considerations
  • Available Artificial Light Analysis
  • Available Natural Light Analysis**
  • Sunrise, Sunset, Moon Phase**
  • Visibility / overcast factors   **** any specific date, location & time.
  • Roadway Rise and Pitch factors
  • Elevation & Super-Elevation factors 
  • Forensic, Post-Crash Vehicle Safety
  • Forensic Roadway Fitness evaluation
Salvatore R. Raimondi, Sr.
Forensic Investigative / Reconstructive services of:

Automotive Crash & At Scene Vehicular Homicide Investigator

Forensic Master Mechanic

Automotive Body / Frame & Unibody Technician

Automotive Finish & Refinish Technician

Automotive Damage Analysis & Estimating

Electronic Crash Data (Black Box) Retrieval Technician I & II

Advanced Crash Data Analyst

Instructor in Crash Data Retrieval Technician Training for CDR Tech I & II

Advanced Crash Data Retrieval to January 2014

Advanced Accident Investigation / Reconstruction

Automotive & Truck Mechanical & Body Repair Facilities owned 1974-1996  

Automotive, Truck, SUV, Motorcycle, Machinery, Heavy Equipment, Tractor-Trailer

Phone: (561) 832-6022
Email: info@aafsa.com